Safe Schools

Nicholas Wilson Public School 

2024-2025 Safe and Inclusive School Planlearning triangle

Our school is committed to providing all students with a safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment free from bullying and harassment that promotes respect, acceptance, and empathy.

Staff, students, parents and caregivers, and community partners will work together as a team to help make our school safe and welcoming for everyone.

The Safe and Inclusive School Plan highlights some of the key actions that our school community will put in place as part of our bullying prevention and intervention efforts.

Key Priorities and Goals

This year we are focusing on making inclusive behaviours more visible.

We are doing this to develop increased awareness of diversity

Key Actions or Strategies

  • Staff will use read-alouds, in-class instruction, partnering, lessons, clubs and groups to teach and model inclusive behaviour and language.
  • We will display and share evidence of inclusion and diversity within the school (announcements, assemblies, bulletin boards)
  • We will connect with the community through social media to showcase our growth and inclusive awareness (Instagram, Facebook, School Website)

Community and Home Connections